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Our sessions are a combination of treatment modalities to ensure that your animal finds relief and improved performance.

Over several years Tamara has developed a combined approach to therapy that yields lasting results. We have found that combining multiple therapies is an effective way to speed up healing and provide instant relief as the session can be tailored to meet the exact needs and personality quirks of your animal. Below are some of the packages Ridestrong is able to offer your dog, horse and other animals. 
 Please note, Ridestrong therapists are not vets, the static and dynamic assessment only allows the therapist to find areas of imbalance and areas reactive to palpation in order to enable them to treat problem areas as accurately as possible. We will not provide you with any diagnosis as this is reserved solely for the expertise of your chosen veterinarian. We will always endeavour to work with your vet under their advice only. If you are looking for diagnostics please have a vet attend your horse and clear them for any type of bodywork detailed below.


Equine Specific Modalities 

Sports Massage and Circulatory Brushing


Circulation is exceptionally important in the healing process. Cells need to travel efficiently to clean up the area and also bring in nutrient rich oxygen and other cells to begin the healing process of injured tendons and muscles. Improving circulation is of significant benefit to your horse. Increased blood flow improves oxygenation of the tissues, removal of toxins and metabolic waste, and enhances the body's ability to heal itself - drug free. We use a combination of top quality Dr Show Liniment and circulatory brushing to kick start these important circulatory processes for your horse. This is relaxing and invigorating and leaves them with the added benefit of a shiny coat! Once your horse has received sufficient all over body brushing we move onto our specialised sports massage technique.

Sports Massage is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive, gentle hands on soft tissue discipline that addresses the horses body as a whole. Massage keeps muscles healthy, builds up those that may have wasted, maintains strength and suppleness and prevents atrophy even during a period of box rest or restricted work. After exertion massage minimises stiffness and speeds repair to tissue damaged as an inevitable result of physical stress and fatigue. In this session we focus specifically on areas highlighted in the TCM and Movement assessment. 



We use medical grade silicone suction cups in this part of the treatment. Cupping creates a decompressive force in the tissues immediately under the cup, with a compressive force created  around the rim of the cup.  This lifting of the tissues can be a different stimulus to the tissues and the nervous system. It is a relaxing way of treating tight or sore areas. They are left in place for a designated time related to the tension of the tissue they are treating. 


Red Light & Photobiomodulation Therapy: 

 Laser therapy is a specific form of light-based therapeutic intervention that utilises controlled applications of low-intensity, coherent and monochromatic light (i.e., LASER) in humans and animals to produce clinically-beneficial outcomes. There are now over 1100 published, laboratory and clinical trials, showing the positive effects that Laser Phototherapy has on healing soft tissue injuries, wounds, alleviating pain and resolving inflammation. Laser Phototherapy can be used for a reduction in recovery time of  acute traumas, it is well tolerated by animals and is an effective pain reliever. It provides a drug-free, surgery-free, non invasive option. We use a class 3B laser with a powerful 810nm 2000W probe. Our laser is non thermal meaning it will not heat your animal's tissue and is completely safe and painless while still delivering a powerful dose of light that remains in the cells for up to 48hours! 



Acupuncture is a complementary medical practice that entails stimulating certain points on the body, most often with a needle penetrating the skin, to alleviate pain or to help treat various health  conditions. Using our knowledge of the TCM medical system we are able to move blockages, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage and rebalance the body in this part of the treatment. Acupuncture assists with reducing inflammation, speeding healing and reducing pain by stimulating the bodies Neuro-chemicals. Needles may remain in the body anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes for their full therapeutic effect. 


Recommendations for a Natural Diet and Herbal Nutrition: 

 Part of a balanced wellness plan is a healthy, nutritious diet and good quality herbal supplements. We work very closely with the experts at McDowell's Herbal Treatments (Master Herbalists and Holistic Veterinarians) to provide our clients with detailed herbal protocols for any condition. The team at Cen provide us with a top quality feeds that make up the majority of our recommended diet. Free Service


Functional Movement Exercise Plan: 

 Our range of researched and trialled sports therapy exercises are made available to you with specific exercises highlighted for your animal's condition. These are added to your notes and emailed out to you after treatment as part of our initial assessment. If you would like another plan done please note we charge $25 to write these up for clients.  



 Passive stretches help to keep or restore joints and muscles to full working capacity. Our extensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics allow our therapist to move your horse through a range of passive stretches to enhance healing and relax tight areas without hyper flexing or stressing your horses joints. We can teach you how to appropriately stretch your horse so that you can continue with this after therapy.  We charge an additional $25 to complete a stretching protocol with your horse and teach you to do it too!


 Unlike traditional rigid tape which utilises compression and immobilisation in treatment, RockTape Equine activates the nervous and circulatory systems to initiate healing. Rocktaping can be used in this instance to reduce and control pain, manage swelling and oedema, increase joint range of motion and muscle function, and maintain a level of functionality and comfort for the horse throughout the rehabilitation process.  It can also be used to assist the equine to maintain functionality and comfort in training and assist with recovery, thus facilitating overall soundness in the equine athlete. The tape may be left in place for 3 days following treatment. We highly recommend adding this to your treatment. This incurs a cost of $15.



Pricelist - Equine

Please note that Ridestrong Travels from Currumbin to Byron Bay - If you fall outside of that travel area you are welcome to travel to our facility in Murwillumbah or consider a therapy stay arrangement where your horse can receive treatment for a few days or a few weeks at a time!

 Initial Session: $110 

Please allow 1-1.5 hours as this session includes a full movement assessment prior to treatment. Please have your horse brushed, clean and all rugs, boots and wraps removed. This session is done in your paddock.

Inclusive in the price is:

  • Static and Dynamic Assessment
  • TCM Work Up
  • Combination Treatment: May include Massage, Acupuncture, Laser, Red Light, Moxabustion and Cupping as your horse requires.
  • Learn to stretch your horse
  • Functional Movement Exercise Plan
  • Diet and Supplement Recommendations

We recommend adding on:

Rocktaping $15


 Follow Up Sessions: $90 

Please allow 1 hour as this session. Please have your horse brushed, clean and all rugs, boots and wraps removed.

Inclusive in the price is:

  • Static Evaluation and palpation to identify issues and improvements from the initial treatment
  • Combination Treatment: May include Massage, Acupuncture, Laser, Red Light, Moxabustion and Cupping as your horse requires.

 We recommend adding on:

Rocktaping $15

Stretching plan $25

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