Cen Xtrabalance


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CEN XtraBalance is formulated to boost beneficial gut bacteria, digestive function and absorption of nutrients.

May assist in:

  • Digestive Upsets – scours, colic risk,  unexpected weight loss
  • Immune System Function – recovery from physical stress, illness, injury, surgery
  • Lower stress levels involved in competition or travel
  • Reduce Hindgut Acidosis – may lower laminitis risk
  • Improved Temperament – reduce incidence of cribbing, windsucking
  • Removal Of Mycotoxins – reduce risk of performance and health issues


    Formulated from high quality live probiotics, prebiotics, organic humates and yeast based toxin binder.

    Levucell SC® Live Yeast Probiotic:

    • improves feed utilisation (fibre digestion)
    • reduces the risk of acidosis in the hindgut
    • Approx. 20 Billion CFU

    Yang® Prebiotic:

    • helps balance the gut microbiome
    • stimulates healthy immune system function

    Organic Humates:

    • enhances nutrient absorption
    • maintains cellular balance

    Mycosorb A+ – Yeast Based Toxin Binder:

    • binds mycotoxins reducing their harmful effects
    • does NOT bind minerals (unlike other toxin binders like charcoal or clay)



    Recommended Daily:
    (Mix with feed) 30g/day (500kg horse) increase to 60g leading up to event day.

    Does not contain restricted material.

     For Animal Use Only.

    1.2kg tub = 40 day supply.

    5kg tub = 166 day supply. 

    May be of benefit for improving or promoting health or production or performance. Consult your vet before treating any illness.


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