Equine Combined Therapy Session 1.5 hours


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This session combines our Big Three (Laser, Acupuncture and Massage) with the added benefit of a full assessment along with the Rehab and Diet plan emailed to you. This runs for 1.5 hours and costs $130. Our most popular session by far and one we recommend as an initial treatment! 

Prepare yourself and your horse for this comprehensive treatment routine. 1.5 hours of assessment and treatment bliss for your paddock buddy or high performance athlete.

This treatment begins with a Static & Dynamic Assessment & TCM Work Up. I then begin hands on treatment with our Sports Massage and Circulatory Brushing techniques. Your horse is then treated with Photobiomodulaton Therapy and Red Light to target areas of pain, inflammation and injury. Laser has a therapeutic healing effect and at the same time it interrupts pain signals leaving your horse relaxed and pain free. Next I will use Acupuncture to tap into their powerful internal Neurochemical pharmacy and stimulate the release of endorphins and hormones like adenosine, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and enkephalin.  After the removal of the needles we move onto a range of Passive Stretches to complete the program. This treatment keeps on giving with the effects of laser lasting up to 48 hours in the cells and Acupuncture affecting the system for up to three days post treatment.

Now that you and your horse are blissed out you can go home and relax on the couch while you read our detailed email on the treatment your horse received and our recommendation for a Natural Diet and Herbal Nutrition and begin to work out your program for ongoing healing with our range of Rehabilitative Exercises. 

Now that is money well spent!


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